Academic Advisement

The Office of Undergraduate Education provides advisement for all of the departments within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

COVID-19 Guidance for SEAS Undergraduate Students

The SEAS Office of Undergraduate Education is ready and eager to support you during the pandemic. Our office will continue to provide a wide range of advisement services. We are happy to assist you with current issues that you face as well as planning for the upcoming semesters. 

Drop-in During Add/Drop

In order to best serve all our students, advisement will be via drop-in service August 25th through the end of the add/drop period on September 7th. You do not need to schedule an advisement appointment during this time. Simply stop into to 410 Bonner Hall, call our office at (716) 645-2775, or submit a quick question.

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Prospective and New Students

We are excited to show you what the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has to offer. Join us for online information sessions, live zoom chats and virtual tours.

Current Students

Advisement is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. For quick advisement questions, students can join the drop-in queue by calling the office at (716) 645-2775 or by submitting a question via the quick question form. Staff will add you to the drop-in list and an advisor will respond to you directly via phone or email. 

To schedule a 30-minute academic advisement appointment with your OUE academic advisor please call (716) 645-2775, use the Navigate app or schedule a meeting online.

Advisement is available in-person, by phone or virtually via Zoom. When participating in a phone meeting with an academic advisor, we recommend that you have access to a computer so you can follow along with the many online tools that our advisors make use of.


As a student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, you will obtain academic advice and guidance from the academic advisors in the Office of Undergraduate Education and from a faculty advisor in your program of study. In general, the Office of Undergraduate Education advises all students throughout their first year and half or first two years of study. In your junior and senior years, students seek advisement primarily from departmental faculty advisors. This demarcation is not absolute and students are free to seek advice from the Office of Undergraduate Education advisors at any time they wish. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor each semester. Students are also advised to use our online tools listed below and to log into the SEAS Portal to view additional advisement details.

The Office of Undergraduate Education assists students in meeting their academic and career goals through student-centered, holistic advisement services that span personal, social, financial, emotional, cultural, and ethnic spheres. Advisors are guided by NACADA's Core Values of Academic Advising and UB’s Academic Advisement Vision & Mission, Values and Goals. Advisors empower SEAS students to be active, responsible learners who will set goals, develop plans, learn to overcome difficulty, and take full advantage of the many opportunities the university provides in the areas of academics, research, and community and global engagement in the timely attainment of their degree. Particular advisement services for students include:

  • Advise students with admission and graduation requirements and opportunities to enhance their educational experience
  • Assist with selection of SEAS degree programs
  • Provide academic planning, including course selection and resolution of scheduling difficulties
  • Convey and interpret academic policies and guide students through appropriate petitions, withdrawals, and leaves of absence
  • Provide students with strategies for improving academic performance
  • Foster trusting relationships with students and campus partners and provide referrals to additional offices on campus to help students

Office Location

Office of Undergraduate Education, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
410 Bonner Hall

(716) 645-2775

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Advisement Tools and Services

  • 11/26/19
    Our interactive guides provide a semester-by-semester outline of the courses within a curriculum. These flowsheets enable students and advisors to visualize the pre-, co-, and post-requisites associated with a course.
  • 8/18/21
    Pathways are a central component of the UB Curriculum. Learn what's required to complete both a Global and Thematic pathway with SEAS resources to help get you there.
  • 9/21/21
    Do you need free assistance for your chemistry, engineering, math, and/or physics courses? Free help is available for any student interested in improving their academic performance.
  • 10/7/19
    These innovative, academic small groups consist of professional instructors who work closely with freshman to help them learn how to approach university-level engineering problems. Groups are typically offered across the core curriculum of chemistry, math and physics.
  • 6/7/21
    We conduct an academic review of all SEAS students at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters. Make sure you're prepared and informed of our academic review policies.
  • 5/5/21
    Here are the steps you need to take to make sure you are eligible for degree conferral.
  • 5/7/21
    Learn more about the computer programming requirement, which is required by all undergraduate engineering degree programs within SEAS.
  • 4/2/20
    Learn more about the graphics (engineering CAD) requirement for the aerospace, civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering programs.
  • 7/23/20
    Looking for specs? Here you'll find which computers and devices work best for students in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • 2/21/19
    From counseling and health services to accessibility resources, here us how we promote healthy engineers and scientists.
  • 1/30/21
    The SEAS Student Success Series familiarizes students with services, resources, and actionable strategies to aid in their personal and academic success at UB. 
  • 8/31/21
    Our advisors assist students in meeting their academic and career goals through student-centered, holistic advisement services that span personal, social, financial, emotional, cultural and ethnic spheres. 
  • 4/16/21
    The SEAS Portal is a collection of academic planning tools for students, faculty, and staff in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Transfer Students

Your Academic Advising Report shows you all of the courses you have taken at UB, as well as all of the transfer credit that you have on your student record. If you are thinking of taking coursework at a different institution, you should check in TAURUS prior to registering to ensure that the course will transfer in to UB.

Please contact us if you have any questions as to the accuracy of your report.