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  • 3/2/21
    Learn about campus resources, Western New York resources and who to contact in the SEAS community for reasonable accommodation.
  • 6/21/21
    The University at Buffalo and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences offer a number of opportunities and services to help students prepare for life after graduation.
  • 8/26/21
    From counseling and health services to accessibility resources, here is how we promote healthy engineers and scientists.
  • 2/2/21
    Explore LGBTQ+ services and resources to better understand diverse identities and experiences. Connect with clubs and organizations, locate single-user restrooms, find out how to update your preferred name in HUB and more.
  • 5/25/21
    Micro-credentials showcase the knowledge you've acquired on the road to mastering skills in your area of interest. Smaller than a minor, certificate or degree program, micro-credentials equip learners with digital badges that showcase their achievements and all it took to get there.
  • 3/30/21
    Learn about the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) and discover student organizations, resources and support available to underrepresented SEAS Students.
  • 5/5/21
    Looking to start a business? We've got the resources and connections to make your vision a reality.
  • 3/28/18
    Find resources for professionalism, online course offerings, professional development opportunities and more.
  • 5/25/21
    Engineering clubs focus on many different facets of the engineering field and allow students to gain hands on experience of the material they learn in the classroom.
  • 7/6/21
    Discover the wide range of programs, services and activities that support women in SEAS.

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