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Accepted Students

Get ready to launch into SEAS
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You earned a seat at UB because of your potential—to develop your future, to help shape UB, and to contribute your unique gifts to the universe. From the extraordinary pool of talented students who applied this year, in the end, we were looking for you. We are so excited to welcome you to UB!

Why choose UB's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences?

Small school atmosphere, big university benefits

We have designed your first year to combine large-school opportunity with a small-school sense of belonging. You’ll have the resources of a major research institution – like cutting-edge facilities and faculty at the forefront of their fields – as well as the opportunity to work together on small teams to learn how engineers approach and model real world problems.

Discover Real-World Opportunities

Real-world opportunities

Learning by doing is the key to our students' success. In the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, we encourage our students to take advantage of the life-changing opportunities happening around them every day. 

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning opportunities let you apply your knowledge and insight within real-world contexts outside the classroom. You'll gain a heightened sense of civic responsibility, sharpen your critical thinking skills and share your unique talents, interests and passions. 

An extra boost before lift-off

Need a little extra calc prep? Here, you can gain a distinct advantage before you start your first semester and throughout your first year at UB with our STEM Success Summer Bridge Program. Summer Bridge provides:

  • A free virtual calculus preparatory experience led by SEAS faculty
  • Peer Mentoring for the summer, fall, and spring semesters of your first year
  • Guaranteed enrollment in Academic Small Group support for critical first-year courses (calculus for engineering and computer science students, and chemistry for engineers).

When: July and August, 2024
Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week studying calculus fundamentals 
Location: Zoom

Support from launch to graduation and beyond

Jennifer Paterson and Amari Yarber, SEAS Student Success Coaches.
Group of women in John Atkinson's Environmental Engineering class in Costa Rica at a Wind Power Plant.
Group of LSAMP students.
Student with pride flags at UB pride parade.
UB staff member wheelchair.
Students doing yoga.

Maker-spaces like no other

UB offers a multidisciplinary cleanroom with class 1000 space and class 100 working areas – a facility well-equipped for electronic device research, processing and development, materials characterization, microfabrication and other processes. Within these highly controlled environments, pollutants and airborne particles are minimized through extensive filtration systems.
Our buildings house a number of computer laboratories and classrooms, supported by Science and Engineering Node Services. 
The Design Studio comprises a Reverse Engineering Lab (RevEng Lab) and the DaVinci Lab. The studio consists of a variety of tools, measurement devices and materials to support tinkering via product teardown, ideation and modification. Concepts can be implemented through the complementary tinkering spaces.
The Digital Manufacturing Lab houses a variety of 3D printing/ additive manufacturing technologies, software and capabilities for modeling and digital design, and manufacturing and analysis. Home to high-definition 3D digital scanners, desk-top and professional grade printers, the lab provides capabilities for precision rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing of 3D objects and parts.
The Electronics Tinkering Lab has scheduled hours for students to work on fabrication and tinkering with electronics under guidance from lab supervisors. Students will learn a range of skills and tools, including bread boarding, soldering, circuit design and simulation software, and power supplies and function generators.
The SEAS Engineering Machine Shop supports experimental research, student clubs and course requirements. This recently renovated facility features a new CNC lathe and CNC milling machine, three new engine lathes with digital readouts, a TIG welder, a 3D printer, and a modern conference room. Highly skilled staff provide technical support for faculty, staff and students. 
The Materials Characterization Lab offers equipment for liquid, powder, surface and bulk materials characterization, as well as expert analytical services for product quality assurance, failure analysis, and forensic evaluations. 
The motion-based driving simulator is a high-fidelity tool for training, education, and transportation and behavioral research. The 6-DOF motion platform, 360º degree visual display system and interactive driver controls create an authentic driving experience.
The Stevens Center is a collaborative meeting space for undergraduates made possible by the generosity of Scott and Coleen Stevens and a UB President’s Circle grant. The space is accessible to all SEAS undergrads during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Afterhours and weekends, the space is accessible to juniors and seniors via UB swipe card.
The University at Buffalo's Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory provides research services for the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, MCEER, and R&D services for industry.

Meet your advisor

Our advisors assist students in meeting their academic and career goals through student-centered, holistic advisement services that span personal, social, financial, emotional, cultural and ethnic spheres. 

  • Amanda Barbour, PhD

    Assistant Director for Academic Advisement
    Specialty Areas: Coordination of Readmission Review and International Student Experience

  • Jon Bonebrake

    Senior Academic Advisor
    Specialty Areas: Instructional Videos and Tutorials
    Caseload: Ca-Ch, G, H

  • Michele Brown

    Senior Academic Advisor  
    Specialty Areas: Internal SEAS major/minor change requests, MBA Combined Degree 
    Caseload: A, J, Mi-Mt, Pr-Pz, MBA

  • Marvin Smith

    Senior Academic Advisor
    Specialty Area: Subsequent Students, Continuing Student & Transfer Admissions
    Caseload: Ba-Bq, D, SBSQ, EIO


  • Natalie Foster

    Senior Academic Advisor
    Specialty Areas: Readmission
    Caseloads: I, K, Ma-Mh

  • Eric Comins

    Senior Academic Advisor
    Specialty Areas: Incoming International Students, Thematic and Global Pathways
    Caseload: U, V, W, X, Y, Z, ITU

  • Alyssa Crofts

    Senior Academic Advisor  
    Specialty Areas: Onboarding first year international students
    Caseloads: C, N

  • Erin MacDiarmid

    Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advisement
    Specialty Area: SEAS Student Athletes 
    Caseload: Pa-Pq, Athletes

  • Lynn Noel

    Senior Academic Advisor
    Specialty Area: Veterans Advisement
    Caseload: Bu-Bz, L, O, Veterans

  • Jane Sinclair

    Senior Academic Advisor
    Specialty Areas: Transfer Student Admissions and Articulations
    Caseload: E, Mu-Mz Q, T

  • Allison Suflita

    Assistant Director for Academic Advisement
    Specialty Areas: Coordination of Admissions Review and Transfer Student Experience
    Caseload: S

  • Halin Tavano, PhD

    Assistant Director for Academic Advisement
    Specialty Area: Central Advisement Communications and Coordination of Advisement Planning
    Caseload: F, R

See for yourself

Sign up for a tour of SEAS, or attend one of our upcoming events for accepted students. 

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences hosts morning information sessions and tours for prospective undergraduates on select dates throughout the year. Each program includes a brief presentation by one of our academic advisors describing available academic programs, popular experiential learning and academic support options, and admissions information. Sessions will begin at 9:00 A.M. and end around 11:30 A.M.

In addition to the SEAS events below, the university also hosts many in-person and virtual events for accepted students and transfer students. Visit the UB Office of Admissions website to learn more.

Upcoming SEAS Events Past SEAS Events

Take the next step

Talented. Passionate. Diverse. Creative. Driven. These are just a few words that describe our newly admitted students, and you’re one of them. You earned a seat at UB because of your potential—to develop your future, to help shape UB, and to contribute your unique gifts to our larger society. This is UB’s tradition of excellence, and we’re so proud that you’re part of it.

Now, it’s time to officially become a UB student. Follow these important steps to enroll.

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