SEAS Portal

The SEAS Portal is a collection of academic planning tools for students, faculty, and staff in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

If you have any issues using the following tools in the SEAS Portal or need assistance, please contact the SEAS Office of Undergraduate Education to meet with an academic advisor.

How to Use Personal Flowsheets in the SEAS Portal Video

Personalized Flowsheets give you a concise view of your SEAS degree program progress.

Personal Flowsheet Formats

Flowsheets are viewed in the following formats:

General: shows degree requirements in a standard eight semester plan

General Planner: mirrors General view with data taken from the student’s Planner report in HUB

Planner Check: identifies inconsistencies in the Planner report.  These may include:

  • Courses planned out of sequence
  • Exceeding the maximum credits per term
  • Planning courses in semesters that they are not offered

Real Term: shows courses grouped by the actual term taken

Real Term Planner: mirrors the Real Term view, with data taken from the student’s Planner report in HUB.

Readiness: indicates a student’s readiness to take courses based on completion of requisites

Personal flowsheets are interactive and dynamic. Students can click on the boxes to see which course can be used to satisfy a requirement (General) or see the requisites (Readiness). Clicking on the course number will open a link to that course in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Submit force registration requests for SEAS courses. Select the course, section, and appropriate reason for the request. Students may need to provide a justification or supporting documentation.   

Request credit limit overrides to the 19 Fall/Spring, 14 Summer, and 5 Winter term credit maximums.

Request an advisor to review your records for degree conferral to make sure you are on track to complete all your requirements before graduation. 

Progress Reports help Intended SEAS majors determine their admissibility to their desired SEAS major. Progress Reports display the student’s current core course and cumulative overall GPAs, grades in core courses, repeat information, and UB Academic Standing.