• The Catalyst 2023

    The Catalyst 2023 is now online featuring breakthrough collaborations in health, energy, and the environment.

  • UB researcher receives $3 million as part of the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Shot

    UB researcher and professor Gang Wu and his lab have recently been awarded a $3 million grant by the Department of Energy as part of the Hydrogen Shot, an initiative that promotes the use and development of hydrogen fuel as a clean and affordable alternative to fossil fuels. 

  • The unique life story of Emmanuel Nsengiyumva

    The UB postdoc survived “unforgivable” atrocities in a Rwandan refugee camp to thrive as an NSF MPS-Ascend postdoctoral research fellow.

  • New Faculty 2023
    A successful transition to a sustainable, carbon-neutral society of the future requires unprecedented collaboration across multiple disciplines. 

Featured Videos-UB CBE's 26th Graduate Research Symposium

Hemant Dandekar Keynote lecturer

UB CBE 2023 Graduate Symposium Keynote Lecture | Hemant Dandekar, PhD 1991

Bratin Sengupta

UB CBE 2023 Graduate Symposium PhD Candidate Lecture | Bratin Sengupta | Miao Yu Research Group

Ronel Zachary Samuel

UB CBE 2023 Graduate Symposium PhD Candidate Lecture | Ronel Zachary Samuel | Stelios Andreadis Group

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