Undergraduate Admissions

Jeff Errington.

We are becoming the first choice for top students around the world. Our exceptional academic quality, our friendly and supportive community, and our incredible palette of opportunities will add both breadth and depth to your engineering education. 

Every day I see our engineering students doing incredible things. If you’re not yet part of the UB engineering family, I hope you’ll consider joining us."

Jeffrey R. Errington
Professor and Senior Associate Dean

  • First-Year Admission
    For students who are new to UB and entering as first-year students.
  • Transfer Admission
    For students new to UB and entering as a transfer student
  • Admission for Current UB Students
    For UB students outside of SEAS and for current intended engineering or computer science majors who wish to be admitted to the approved major
  • Admission to Combined Degree Programs
    For any students interested in our Engineering/Management BS/MBA combined degree programs
  • Changing Your SEAS Major
    For intended or approved SEAS students who wish to change their engineering or applied science major
  • Admission to a SEAS Minor or Certificate
    For students who were previously intended majors within SEAS and were dismissed, for students who were conditionally admitted to SEAS and failed to meet the criteria for the approved major, or for students were were declined admission to both the intended and approved major.
  • Readmission
    For students who were previously enrolled in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as approved majors who seek readmission

SEAS Code of Professional Conduct

In carrying out their professional obligations, engineers and scientists are guided by fundamental ethical canons and rules of practice.