Computer Science [and Engineering] Timeline

Highlights from the Department of Computer Science (CS) and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). See the full timeline!

  • 3/20/19

    Click here to see our entire timeline of the first 50 years of Computer Science and Engineering at UB.

  • Entry way to the Ridge Lea Campus.
    Ridge Lea

    UB assigns us our first home on the Ridge Lea Campus. 

  • computer science students work on keypunches.
    Milestone: 5 Faculty

    The Computer Science Department at the University at Buffalo is formed within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences (FEAS).

  • UB tuition and fees, Academic Year 1967-1968.
    Grad Programs at Inception

    University course catalogs first describe our Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs.

  • Faculty in 1970.
    Milestone: 10 Faculty

    We achieve the ten faculty member milestone.

  • Playing chess on a computer in 1972.
    Chess-Playing Graphical Computer

    Nick Findler buys a chess-playing graphical computer with NSF funds, beginning a long departmental tradition of incorporating games into our research.

  • image of Buffalo.
    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo

    William J. Rapaport popularizes the grammatically-parseable phrase, "Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo".

  • processing medical images on a computer in 1975.
    Medical Image Processing Group

    Gabor T. Herman develops a world-renowned Medical Image Processing Group from 1969 to 1981. 

  • Alt text for mini computer.
    No More Punchcards

    We buy a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX 11/750 minicomputer. 

  • Bell Hall exterior.
    Bell Hall

    We take up residence in Bell Hall, placing us in the center of North Campus activity and culture.

  • collage of CSE faculty in 1985.
    Milestone: 15 Faculty

    We achieve the 15 (actually 16) faculty member milestone.

  • alt text for first grad conference.
    First Grad Conference

    Jim Geller (PhD, '88) organizes our first annual grad conference to give our grad students a forum to show off their current research.

  • collage of CSE faculty in 1989.
    Milestone: 20 Faculty

    We achieve the 20 faculty member milestone.

  • Newspaper article from 1992 describing CSE 25th Anniversary.
    25th Anniversary

    We celebrate our 25th anniversary with a banquet and a symposium.

  • image of the brain courtesy of the Center for Cognitive Science.

    The university establishes a multidisciplinary Center for Cognitive Science, uniting computer science with cognitive psychology disciplines.

  • collage of CSE faculty in 1997.
    Milestone: 25 Faculty

    We achieve the 25 (actually 26) faculty member milestone.

  • CSE logo from 1998.
    CS + CE = CSE

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is born!

  • collage of CSE faculty in 1998.
    Milestone: 30 Faculty

    The merger accelerates us past the 30 faculty member milestone. Between '97 and '98, we grow from 26 to 33 faculty.

  • Russ Miller.

    Russ Miller founds the Center for Computational Research, the university supercomputer cluster that has the capability of processing 60 billion operations per second.

  • collage of CSE faculty in 2000.
    Milestone: 35 Faculty

    We enter the 2000s with 36 faculty.

  • CSE 40th Anniversary Logo.
    40th Anniversary

    We convened at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

  • Davis Hall exterior.
    Davis Hall

    Davis Hall—Our brand-new, state-of-the-art departmental headquarters.

  • CSE faculty outside Davis Hall in 2015.
    Milestone: 40 Faculty

    We begin Fall 2015 with a strength of 40 faculty.

  • CSE 50th Anniversary logo.
    50th Anniversary

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering celebrates its 50th anniversary.