Recent Selected Research Awards

April 1 - June 30, 2020

Award Date Principal Investigator Department Award Title Sponsor Amount    
6/15/2020 Lora Cavuoto Industrial and Systems Engineering Optimizing the Layout of the Robotic-Assisted Surgery Operating Room Intuitive Surgical $57,000    
6/15/2020 Shenqiang Ren Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Additively Manufactured Light Weight Protection Using UHMWPE FuzeHub $50,000    
6/1/2020 Arindam Sanyal Electrical Engineering CRII: SHF: On-chip Multi-Task Learning Analog Artificial Intelligence For Low-Cost Image-Based Environmental Monitoring National Science Foundation $174,663    
6/1/2020 Shaofeng Zou Electrical Engineering CRII: CIF: Dynamic Network Event Detection with Time-Series Data National Science Foundation $174,893    
6/1/2020 Zonglu Hua Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Transduction of Substrate Mechanical Cues via Piezo1 Ion Channels National Science Foundation $390,529    
5/20/2020 Jonathan Lovell Biomedical Engineering Rationally-Designed, Spontaneous-Particleized Pfs48/45 for a Multivalent Malaria Vaccine National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease $2,123,955    
5/18/2020 Javid Bayandor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Lightweight Multifunctional Planetary Probe for Extreme Environment Exploration and Locomotion NASA Headquarters $301,396    
5/1/2020 Chong Cheng Chemical and Biological Engineering Preparation of Advanced Polymer-Inorganic particle composites with Enhanced Mechanical and Function Properties Relative to the Polymer Jiangsu Qunxin Powder Technology Company LTD $189,940    
5/1/2020 Erdem Sariyuce Computer Science and Engineering Detecting fraudulent transactions in online marketplaces using temporal network motifs JP Morgan Chase and Company $150,000    
5/1/2020 Francis Lagor Jr. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Collaborative Research: Lift regulation via kinematic maneuvering in uncertain gusts National Science Foundation $220,722    
4/10/2020 Stelios Andreadis Chemical and Biological Engineering Cell-free vascular grafts: immunological response and vascular regeneration National Heart Lung and Blood Institute $2,441,496    
4/7/2020 Jun Xia Biomedical Engineering Multiparametric photoacoustic and ultrasonic imaging of the breast in cranialcaudal view National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering $1,419,068    
4/1/2020 Moises Sudit Industrial and Systems Engineering Managing Exponential Decision Spaces (MEDS) US Navy Office of Naval Research $1,162,057