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CSEE Research Areas

  • Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
    Research in environmental engineering seeks to better understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes that influence the health of our environment and to pursue innovative solutions for its protection. Researchers in this area also focus on engineering sustainability.
  • Geosystems Engineering
    Research in geosystems engineering addresses computational geomechanics, deep foundations, ground improvement, seismic response of soils, liquefaction, and retrofit of foundations, dams, slopes, and retaining walls.
  • Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials
    Researchers in the structural engineering, mechanics and materials group enhance community resiliency to earthquakes, develop design guidelines for buildings and other structures, and conduct vital research in various emerging areas such as wind, fire and materials engineering.
  • Transportation Engineering
    Research in transportation systems engineering focuses on improving the efficiency, safety, sustainability, and resiliency of surface transportation systems.