Student News

Ashutosh Sharma, secretary for the government of India’s Department of Science and Technology and professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), will receive a SUNY Honorary Doctorate in science at this year’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduate commencement ceremony.
Kennedy Colon is building a pipeline. While she’s a civil engineer, the pipeline she’s talking about is for students from disadvantaged and minority communities to get to STEM at UB – and succeed once they’re here.
Later this week, over 1,300 School of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduates will sit in anticipation, on the cusp of crossing from student life to adulthood, academia to careers, knowledge to application. While they all share the hope and sadness and pride of the moment, each student arrives with their own unique story of how they got there.

Eleven members of AIAA's student chapter attended Congressional Visits Day, which brought together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, and technology executives to raise visibility and support for science, engineering, and technology.


The Pakistani Student Association’s Mock Shaadi offers students a chance to show pride in their heritage through a traditional Pakistani wedding.


The award is one of the most competitive and respected scientific fellowships in the U.S.