SEAS in the News

An article in Newsweek quotes Chip Ionita, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, in a story about a group of researchers who have used a powerful x-ray to create 3D maps of sections of mouse brains in an effort to obtain a clearer picture of the brain at a level that scientists normally learn about by cutting through sliced samples of brain tissue.
An article in the Buffalo News reports a UB startup, Sunny Clean Water, has found a quick way to transform how potable water gets to people in developing countries or in areas stricken by natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes, and interviews Matt Singer, CEO of the startup and a UB graduate student in electrical engineering.
An article on The University Network reports a team of researchers, led by Wenyao Xu, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, has developed a biometric scanner that verifies a computer user’s identity by recognizing the geometry of their heart.
An article in The Conversation by Kemper Lewis, professor and chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering, looks at the future of manufacturing and why focusing on what the U.S. made yesterday will only go so far in saving American manufacturing today.
An article on the website of the National Science Foundation reports a UB-led team has developed a computer security system using the dimensions of an individual’s heart as an identifier.
Public reports that Jun Zhuang, associate professor of industrial and systems engineering, is among recipients of National Science Foundation grants devoted to studying the effect of recent hurricanes.