SEAS in the News

Abilash Haridass, a 2006 electrical engineering graduate, is quoted in the Edex Live feature story on WEGot Utility Solutions, a real-time water management company designing household meters to help to address the water crisis in Haridass’ hometown of Chennai, India.
WIVB-TV reports on how 5G wireless technology promises to make computing and information sharing much faster. The station interviewed Filippo Malandra, assistant professor of research in the Department of Electrical Engineering, who said 5G transmissions are over a shorter distance and narrowly focused, which is more advantageous in cities than in rural areas.
FOX News featured a story on DARPA developing a hypersonic ‘glide breaker’ that would knock missile threats out of the sky.
WKBW-TV and other local media outlets reported Friday on robot wars at UB, a popular event that is part of Engineers Week. “Everybody comes with their own design… everybody tackled the challenge their own way,” said engineering student and robot wars competitor Matthew Aungst.
The Toronto Sun and other Canadian newspapers report that UB engineers are studying the brain waves and eye movements of gamers in an effort to incorporate that data into artificial intelligence that would guide the behavior of teams of military robots.