Mechanical and aerospace engineering faculty member Aaron Estes has received the Vanderhoef Faculty Award for making the extra effort to coach, mentor, and provide support for students.

“We started off with just an idea. We didn’t have a product, and we didn’t even know if this was possible to finish.” So says Anish Ajay Kirtane, a graduate student in the Department of Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Membranes that separate carbon dioxide from other emissions could help slow the pace of climate change.


One of five jobs in Western New York are in industries with ties to clean energy, yet 54% of workers in clean energy industries are aged 45 or older.

The UB American Sociaty of Civil Engineering (ASCE) student club's steel bridge team earned fourth place overall at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition, and received second place honors for construction speed.

Deepfakes pose a disinformation threat capable of disrupting the 2020 election, Doermann says.

Earlier this month, a group of SEAS freshmen and sophomores travelled to Rochester carrying precious cargo: two drones that they had designed and build themselves.  

The $32 million project will match students, faculty, clinicians, and researchers with a powerful collection of resources to commercialize innovations.


His leadership has placed UB at the forefront of efforts clean energy, pollution reduction.

This was the fifth year for the annual CDSE Days event, and it was packed with engaging sessions, exemplary industry leaders and many opportunities for students.