Professional Development Blueprint

The Professional Development Blueprint is a co-curricular roadmap focused on career preparation for undergraduate applied science and engineering students.


Suggestions for students interested in entering the workforce immediately after graduation

Suggestions for students interested in pursuing research roles in industry or academia


Suggestions in this category will help you discover your passions and interests, as well as your options for pursuing them.


Suggestions in this category will help you foster relationships with peers, faculty, alumni, and other professionals. Developing a support network contributes to academic success, expands current opportunities, and increases future career options.


Suggestions in this category provide a breadth of opportunities that will help you develop technical and professional competencies. These experiences will help you build out your resume and are critical for career success.

Career Fundamentals

Suggestions in this category will help you search for and secure a job, and succeed throughout your career.

A roadmap for career preparation and success.

While academic success is crucial to earning your credentials, many other experiences and skill sets developed outside of the classroom are integral to securing a job or pursuing graduate school.

The Professional Development Blueprint consists of an inventory of activities that will prepare you to be an experienced, connected, and informed engineer or applied scientist.