Tutoring Services

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Do you need free assistance for your chemistry, engineering, math or physics courses? Free help is readily available from the following programs/groups for any student who is interested in improving his or her academic performance.

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Small Groups

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These innovative, academic small groups consist of upperclass student leaders who work closely with freshman to help them transition across the core curriculum of chemistry, math and physics.

Small group meetings on MTH 141 and 142, CHE 107, and PHY 107. Schedule and sign up information.

Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society Tutoring

Free tutoring by members of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society is available upon request.  Listed below are tutors for the current semester, with their major and email address.  Please contact the tutor for more information about possible tutoring in MTH 141, 142, 241, PHY 107, PHY 108, and introductory courses required for their respective majors.  Please check back for possible additions.

Other Resources

Tutoring and Academic Support Services

Free walk-in tutoring, tutoring by appointment, study group sessions, academic coaches, and related support services in various subjects (computers, study areas, events, and skill building workshops).

130 Capen Hall




Campus Living: Academic Success Centers

Free tutoring in various technical engineering and general subjects. View the details and schedule on the Student Affairs Website.

Center for Excellence in Writing

UB's Center for Excellence in Writing supports writers across the university as they compose, construct, and share meaning.

209 Baldy Hall

STAR-NY Online Tutoring

Free, online tutoring for students in a consortium of public colleges and universities in New York, including UB.

Math Department

Free, walk-in tutoring is available in the Mathematics Department Help Center. 

The Math Place

211 Baldy Hall
Help with ULC 147, 148, MTH 121, 122, 141, 142.

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Paid Tutors

Most departments have a list of tutors for hire. Average price is about $10/hour.

Cora P. Maloney College Tutoring and Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center is available to assist all CPMC students to reach their full potential, by providing high-quality support to students.