Senior Design

Senior Design is a required capstone course in many departments in which students work in teams to tackle a "real-world" engineering design problem.

Many students work with industry partners on senior design projects. Students may also participate in an interdisciplinary senior design experience. Projects start in late fall or early in the spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, project teams present their work in the Engineering Senior Design Expo to a broad audience inclusive of fellow students, faculty and industry partners.

Featured Projects

Reinventing the electric guitar


As part of their senior design course, a team of students from UB's Department of Electrical Engineering built an electronics unit that allowed them to them to equip a vintage style guitar with modern digital sound technology.

Interdisciplinary team builds CubeSat for NASA

Students work on project hardware.

During this engineering intramural that evolved into a senior design project, an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate students worked to design, build and improve a cube satellite testbed that could be used to test algorithms that would that would allow a satellite to detect light in space.

On the road again

Curt Senf shows off his new trike designed by mechanical engineering students Caleb Walters and Austin Powers for their senior design project.

Two mechanical engineering students designed and built an accessible tricycle for Curtis Senf, a former UB employee who was left unable to ride a two-wheeler after he was injured in a serious biking accident.