Minor in Computer Science

Computer Science is a diverse and ubiquitous field, touching people's lives in many ways.

zeros and ones.

The Minor in Computer Science is a 22 credit program that offers students a solid foundation in the computer science field. Outside the classroom setting, students can join student clubs like the Association for Computing Machinery and Scientista, work as undergraduate teaching assistants, and participate in research projects. Students successfully completing a minor in Computer Science will possess the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to identify and solve a variety of computational problems.


Students are required to take six CSE courses (excluding CSE 101CSE 111CSE 113CSE 198CSE 199CSE 492, and CSE 494-499), with at least two at the 300- level or above. A minimum GPA of 2.0 overall in those courses is required for graduation.

A maximum of two of these courses may be used for a student's major. Students who wish to take more than six CSE courses must satisfy the Computer Science BS or BA major admissions criteria.

While MTH 311 can be used to satisfy the CSE 191 admission requirement, it cannot be used towards the six CSE course requirement for the minor.

Admissions Information

Students can apply for the Minor in Computer Science online through the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Contact Information

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Undergraduate Advisor
338 Davis Hall
(716) 645-3180