France: Engineering Study Abroad in Troyes


Troyes, France houses.

UB engineering students have the opportunity to spend the summer after their first year studying at the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) in France. Troyes, with its safe and friendly safe atmosphere, is an ideal place to be a student in France. Only an hour and a half from Paris by road or rail, this small city of 120,000 is rich in art and history yet also boasts a vibrant cultural and artistic life, a thriving economy and many sporting activities. 

While at UTT, you will take EAS 207 Statics from a UB faculty member, and UGC 112 World Civilization II: Intro to European Union from a UTT faculty member. (Although the EAS 207 course is not required for Chemical Engineering students, EAS 207 can be used to fulfill the 200+ Technical Elective.) The program lasts approximately six weeks students will earn a total of six credits upon successful completion of the two courses. In addition to classes, various excursions and cultural activities are organized, including a trip to Paris.

To be eligible, you must have successfully completed General Physics (PHY 107) and College Calculus II (MTH 142) and have a minimum overall GPA of 2.67.