Germany: Automotive Engineering in Darmstadt


Darmstadt, Germany.

Known as the City of Science, Darmstadt is highly regarded for its academic and scientific communities. It is home to numerous high tech companies in sectors such as information technology, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, and over 30 research institutions. Technische Universität Darmstadt dates back to 1877. It is one of the leading universities in Germany and well known outside Germany for its contributions in engineering and computer science. 

Automotive Engineering at TU Darmstadt (known as FZD) is a research institute within the Department of Mechanical Engineering that conducts research primarily in the areas of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Motorcycles, and Chassis and Driving Dynamics. They also have a Test Drive Project, which includes the testing and evaluation of new cars provided by the manufacturers. Recent examples include the BMW 650i and the Audi S5.

The FZD has developed a special 10-week summer program in Automotive Engineering for graduate students and graduating seniors from select partner universities, which offers UB students the opportunity to undertake coursework in automotive engineering and conduct a joint research project with German students.

UB undergraduate students will receive 6 credits for MAE 494 Design Project and UB graduate students will receive 6 MAE graduate credits for Advanced Design Project upon completion of this program. All classes will be conducted in English so no prior knowledge of German is required. TU Darmstadt will provide an intensive one-week introduction to German language and culture.