Material Science and Engineering

Material Science and Engineering is a field that explores all aspects of the ‘how and why’ materials behave the way they do and how to harness that knowledge to create materials with new and exciting properties.

About the Major

In the Department of Materials Design and Innovation (MDI), our curriculum is unique among material science and engineering programs, as we explore the exciting world of materials, from “atoms to applications” through the lens of data science and artificial intelligence.

Research Opportunities

MDI has a very strong research program and one that offers undergraduate students to be active participants with faculty in cutting edge materials science research.

Employment Outlook

Material science and engineering graduates are trained to apply their skills in a wide range of technologies, including microelectronics, aerospace, biotechnology, energy, data analytics and software sectors of the economy. The interdisciplinary training will prepare students for a wide array of professional opportunities, including careers in research, teaching, business entrepreneurship and public policy.

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