Engineering Science

Engineering Science is a broad discipline encompassing many scientific and mathematical principles to support engineering design, research, and technological advancement. 

About the Major

The Engineering Science BS program develops a strong, broad-based, rigorous engineering background for analysis and evaluation of engineering problems in today’s rapidly evolving and often high-tech industries. An emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary problem solving. The program is flexible, offering students the opportunity to pursue a unique program of study to meet special interests or objectives.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students in Engineering Science can gain research experience under the mentorship of faculty members within the Department of Engineering Education as well as other departments within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. These experiences enable students to explore the frontiers of new scientific knowledge, technology, and education via experimental, computational, and human subjects projects.

Employment Outlook

Engineering Science graduates have very broad knowledge that can be applied to most industries. They typically establish careers in technical positions in industry or research position in government or private research labs interfacing with engineers and using their analytical and problem-solving skills. Their broad background also applies well towards engineering sales and technical communications.

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