Electrical Engineering

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The field of Electrical Engineering is built on the shoulders of giants—Tesla, Edison, Marconi, Bell—to meet the energy and telecommunication needs of our society. 

Out of the advancements in technology, electrical engineering is all around us today. Almost everything we use in our daily lives has a chip in it and implements some communication protocol and/or some sophisticated signal processing algorithm. 

About the Major

Our Electrical Engineering BS program provides the scope of knowledge and training needed for employment and also forms the basis for further study at the graduate level. It is designed to have students enter industry directly or proceed with graduate study.

By selecting technical electives, students can specialize in one of four areas:

  • Solid State Electronics
  • Optics and Photonics
  • Signals, Communications, and Networking
  • Energy Systems

Research Opportunities

Undergraduates are encouraged to become involved in meaningful research with distinguished EE faculty. Such research can add impressive experience to a resume and teach lessons that will last a lifetime. Many EE undergraduates are supported by on-campus programs, such as the EE Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, CSTEP (Collegiate Science Technology Entry Program), The Honors College, McNair Program, Acker Scholars, University Scholar or externally-funded scholarships and fellowships. 

Employment Outlook

Electrical engineers can be found in almost all sectors of the workforce, including research and development, product design, manufacturing operations, service, technical sales, marketing, consulting, education, law, and policy-making. 

Our graduates have been hired by Alcatel Lucent, AMD, Cisco, Facebook, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Google, HewlettPackard, IBM, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Micron, Moog, Motorola, NASA, National Grid, National Security Agency, Nokia, Qualcomm, Rockwell, Texas Instruments, US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy and many others.


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The Electrical Engineering BS program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

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