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Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology Series

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology series, consisting of nine courses, provides an in-depth look at Industry 4.0 – manufacturing’s “Fourth Revolution” of digital-based technology advances.   

About the Courses

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – aka Industry 4.0 – is upon us, infusing new manufacturing technologies and changing the way products are designed, produced and disposed. Whether you’re a high school graduate exploring manufacturing careers or an operations manager trying to keep up with an evolving landscape, these nine courses provide a foundation in Industry 4.0 fundamentals and how digital advances are influencing the capabilities of factories. Course topics include digital manufacturing and design practices, the concept of the digital thread, the Internet of Things, Big Data, cyber security and much more. Learners have the opportunity to create a roadmap for achieving their own personal goals related to the digital manufacturing and design profession. 

The Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology series is a collaboration of the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, UB Center for Industrial Effectiveness, UB Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART) Community of Excellence, UB Center for Educational Innovation, Office of the Provost for the State University at New York, and industry partners, including MxD

How Do I Register?

To register, go directly to Coursera. First, sign up for a free Coursera account. Then simply enroll. It’s never too late to join!


There is no charge to “audit” a course, which includes videos, readings, community discussion forums and the ability to view assignments. The fee to gain complete access – which includes submitting all assignments for feedback or a grade, and the opportunity to earn a verified certificate in digital manufacturing– is $49 per month.