Frequently Asked Questions about online courses

Answers to frequently asked questions about enrolling in online courses through SEAS are given below. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

What is EngiNet and How Does It Work?

EngiNet™ is the University at Buffalo‘s engineering distance education program. It provides busy engineering professionals with access to graduate level courses.

Courses are taught by University at Buffalo faculty, and provide advanced technical and engineering knowledge and convenient, user-friendly access to educational enhancement. It was created to enhance the graduate engineering program by providing instruction to off campus students as well as companies and institutions.

EngiNet™ offers greater opportunities for students to take courses not available in their geographical area, and offers professional development for engineers whose job or family responsibilities have prevented them from pursuing conventional degree programs.

Why EngiNet?

It is a convenient way to...

  • Increase your knowledge
  • Improve your job skills
  • Expand your professional options
  • Start and augment your master's program

Who Can Take EngiNet Courses?

Anyone who has completed his/her undergraduate education and is looking to further their education via distance education on a part-time basis, is eligible to participate in an EngiNet course. All students must meet departmental admission requirements before they will be allowed to register. EngiNet™ provides engineering courses for credit, audit purposes, CEU, PECE, or simply for professional development. The coursework is delivered to your home or workplace streamed over the web.

What can these graduate courses be used toward?

  • Professional development
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Engineering
    (Check the individual department’s listing of specific degree requirements.)

What do I need to register for an EngiNet course and how do I register?

Contact J. Michalowski at 716-645-0956 or via email.

Note: HUB Student Center can NOT be used for EngiNet REGISTRATION.

Do I have to be admitted to the Graduate School to take an EngiNet course?

No. If you are not pursuing a degree from UB, you may take up to 12 credit hours of coursework via EngiNet™, providing you maintain the 3.0 standard for all graduate work.

You will be check-stopped from any further registrations if you have not been accepted by the graduate program in the department of your choice by the end of the 12th credit hour (4 courses).

How long do I have to complete my graduate degree program?

The time limit for a degree is 4 years (excluding approved leaves of absence) from the time of your first graduate registration. Should more time be necessary you may apply for an extension of time limit, which requires departmental approval and which is normally granted for a period of one year or less. Student requests for extension of time limits must be justified using a graduate petition form found at

If you are not enrolled in consecutive semesters, you should file a formal leave-of-absence prior to the start of the semester. Continued leaves of absence beyond two years will not be granted. Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to the departmental graduate secretaries.

How much does taking an EngiNet course cost?

EngiNet students are billed through the university at regular tuition rates. When you register, you assume responsibility for paying the tuition associated with your registration and being aware of all deadlines. You are responsible for tuition even if you did not view a single class unless you dropped your course according to the published deadlines.

For complete information please see Tuition and Fees.  

Can EngiNet courses be counted towards my degree?

Yes. You must formally apply to our graduate degree programs through the department of your choice for your credit hours to count toward a degree. It is suggested that you begin this process within your first 6 hours of coursework. Any coursework taken beyond the first 6 hours may not be counted towards your degree, depending on the department policy. Please contact the department of your choice for further information.

In what media format are the courses offered, and what do I need to view them?

The courses will be delivered streamed via the web, giving same or next day access to the lectures, which can be downloaded to a CD. You are required to have a broadband or DSL connection.

CD-ROM format is available by special arrangement only, please contact the EngiNet™ Office. If approved, the CDs can be viewed on PCs as well as Macs. There is an expected lag time of at least one week.

We recommend the following operating system: Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X or higher, CD-ROM drive. Required Media Player for Windows Media format: Windows Media Player ver. 10 or higher (PC); Windows Media Player ver. 9 for Mac OS X or the Flip4Mac plug-in (Mac). Required Media Player for Accordant (a.k.a. side-by-side) format; Real Media Player ver.10. Accordant format can be viewed in Firefox, but plays best in Internet Explorer. There are known issues with version 11 on Windows XP. Please use Version 10.

How can I contact the professor/teaching assistant for a particular course?

Each professor should provide you with an email address for reaching him or her as well as any teaching assistants. Also any means which are described in the course syllabus can be useful.

How can I turn in my homework assignments and projects?

Any homework, assignments, or projects can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the professor directly. Please contact your professor for details.

How will I take exams, being off-campus?

The professor decides how he wishes his students to take exams. Some professors require proctors for off-campus students, others will send the exams directly to the student or have the EngiNet™ office forward them to the student. Contact the professor for details.

Does the professor require students to obtain course material online?

Yes. Most professors will include their course materials in UBlearns, or through a course web-site which the professor will provide. It will be the student's responsibility to make sure he/she can readily access the provided information. Contact the professor for details.

Can a student audit an EngiNet course?

Yes, with permission from the professor. The cost is the same for credit or to audit. A discussion with the professor should take place prior to registration.

How do I drop/resign an EngiNet course?

EngiNet™ adheres to the policy established by UB. A student can drop or resign an EngiNet course by visiting your HUB Student Center (via MyUB, UBITName and password required) within the deadlines set by the University. See the Office of the Registrar website for deadline dates.

What is my financial liability if I drop a course?

EngiNet™ adheres to the policy established by UB. Please visit:

Can I receive a UB ID Card?

Yes, if you are available to come to campus a card will be issued to you. Please review the following website for further information:

What is my UBITName and single use password?

Your UBITName is your University at Buffalo Information Technology userName. Your UBITName is your key to Cybrary resources, email, MyUB, ResNet, UBlearns, and other services. All students must claim their UBITName to gain access to UB IT services.

Your single-use password is a one-time password used solely for claiming one's UBITName account.

How do I access UB Library resources?

Information on how EngiNet students can take full advantage of UB Library resources and services for research and coursework is available from the following website. You will need your UBITName and Password.