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Energy Production, Distribution & Safety Series

The four courses of the Energy Production, Distribution & Safety series focus on electric power systems, natural gas, safety and the energy industry enterprise.

About the Courses

The four courses in this series provide introductory knowledge about the energy industry and affiliated career opportunities, from hands-on utility technician or utility worker positions to roles in the emerging green energy sector. They are ideal for those considering a career in the field, as well as existing industry employees with less than three years of experience who have not completed similar training. Topics include modern electrical power systems, natural gas, standard safety practices, a current view of the energy industry, U.S. power industry regulations, and emerging disruptive technologies and renewable energies. Learners have the opportunity to create a roadmap for achieving their own personal goals related to an energy profession.

The Energy Production, Distribution & Safety series is a collaboration of the UB Center for Industrial Effectiveness, National Grid, Stony Brook UniversityUB’s Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships, Buffalo State College, Russo on Energy LLC, and other industry partners.

How Do I Register?

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There is no charge to “audit” a course, which includes videos, readings, community discussion forums and the ability to view assignments. The fee to gain complete access – which includes submitting all assignments for feedback or a grade, and the opportunity to earn a verified certificate in energy production, distribution and safety – is $49 per month.