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Data-Driven Decision Making Series

Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) assists learners in improving the bottom line of an enterprise with data analytics. 

About the Courses

The three courses in this series explain why it is important to leverage data when contemplating organizational choices, and supply the tools at the heart of DDDM. They explore how technology enables the collection and organization of unprecedented amounts of data, and how to dissect that data to gain powerful insights. Upon completion, learners are prepared to identify gaps in data collection processes, compare and contrast data analysis and visualization tools for generating metrics dashboards, and define techniques to validate performance metrics and data integrity.

The Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) series is a collaboration of the UB Center for Industrial Effectiveness and Freed Maxick CPAs.

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There is no charge to “audit” a course, which includes videos, readings, community discussion forums and the ability to view assignments. The fee to gain complete access – which includes submitting all assignments for feedback or a grade, and the opportunity to earn a verified certificate in solar energy – is $49 per month.