Academic Advisement

Steve Ko, Christy Krawczyk, and Carl Alphonce.

Meet the academic advisors who will help you succeed in your program!

UB has several undergraduate academic advisement offices around campus.  This page will help you navigate the system to find the advisor who is best suited to help you at this particular moment in your academic career.

We also include links to some helpful online advisement tools.

On this page:

Academic Advisors

For Approved CSE Majors

Undergraduate students in approved CSE majors should seek program-specific academic advisement from the CSE Undergraduate Office:

Christy Krawczyk

Christy Krawczyk

Undergraduate Academic Coordinator

Computer Science and Engineering

338R Davis Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4759


Carl Alphonce

Carl Alphonce

Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies; Teaching Associate Professor

Computer Science and Engineering

343 Davis Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4739


Steve Ko

Steve Ko

Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Professor

Computer Science and Engineering

113F Davis Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4732


For Students Who Have Satisfied SEAS Admissions Criteria

Undergraduate students who have satisfied SEAS undergraduate admissions criteria but who have not yet been admitted to a CSE major should seek academic advisement pertaining to general university requirements from the SEAS Undergraduate Education Academic Advisement Office in 410 Bonner Hall.

For Students Who Have Not Yet Satisfied SEAS Admissions Criteria

Current UB undergraduate students who have not yet been accepted into CSE or an Engineering major should seek academic advisement from the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center in 109 Norton Hall.  After you have satisfied SEAS undergraduate admissions criteria, you may schedule an appointment to meet with an SEAS academic advisor in 410 Bonner Hall.

Academic Advisement Tools

These online tools can help you to plan out your courses at UB. Please note that these do not take the place of an advising appointment and do not guarantee completion of degree requirements.

CSE Program Flowsheets

These flowsheets show the recommended sequence of degree requirements for our different CSE programs. These interactive online versions will highlight pre-requisite and co-requisite courses to help identify which courses must be completed before moving forward. Details of the program and degree requirements are detailed in the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog.

Transfer Credit - HUB Student Center

Your HUB Academic Advisement Report shows you all of the courses you have taken at UB, as well any transfer credit on your student record. If you are thinking of taking coursework at a different institution, you should check TAURUS prior to registering for that coursework to ensure that it will transfer to UB.

Please check with 410 Bonner Hall if you have any questions about the accuracy of your report.