Thinking About Graduate School?

Five students collaborate in a university laboratory.


If you plan to apply to graduate school, you must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE, similar to the SAT).  We also urge you to take the GRE Subject Test in Computer Science.

You should take these tests early in your senior year whether or not you intend to go to graduate school immediately after graduation. You will be much better off taking the tests while the material is fresh in your mind than waiting until several years after graduation. The tests can be retaken (similarly to the SATs). Descriptive brochures and further information on signing up for the tests are available from Career Planning and Placement Office, 252 Capen Hall, 645-2231. Note that the Computer Science Test is not offered as frequently as the other tests.

GRE Subject Test in Computer Science

The GRE Subject Test in Computer Science consists of about 80 multiple-choice questions on the topics shown below. Next to each topic is the approximate percentage of question distribution and a list of CSE courses that are most relevant for the test.

Software Systems & Methodology (35%)

Computer Organization & Architecture (20%)

Theory (20%)

Computational Mathematics (20%)

Special Topics (5%)

  • Modeling & simulation: no relevant courses
  • Information retrieval: CSE 462
  • Artificial intelligence: CSE 472
  • Computer graphics: CSE 480
  • Data communications: CSE 489