Certificate in Data-Intensive Computing

Data-intensive computing is an integral part of science, commerce, and industry.  Center for Computational Research Machine Room in the NYS Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, 2012.  Photo credit: Douglas Levere 

Data-intensive computing is a collective solution to address the data deluge that has been brought about by tremendous advances in distributed systems and Internet-based computing.

Certificate Programs

The department offers non-degree-granting certificate programs that enhance our degree programs by conveying deep experience in specific research areas.

There is tremendous need for analyzing the data to discover knowledge, to understand behaviors, and to mine for patterns. These discoveries and patterns of data are expected to impact a wide range of applications from the social sciences to medical sciences. The scale, the complexity and the types of the data to be managed has given rise to newer data models and algorithms. Data-intensive computing deals with these newer data and computational models and related algorithms and data structures. This newly-created certificate program aims to improve the preparedness of our students for data-intensive computing.


Program Director