Graduate Program

We offer a premier graduate program with tracks leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science and Engineering.

We are a dynamic department with a strong national and international reputation for excellence. We are ready to help you reach your potential as a scholar and contributor to the development of your chosen specialty.

Learn more about our graduate program below.

Learn how to apply and be admitted to the PhD and MS programs in Computer Science and Engineering.
The CSE Graduate Office provides academic advisement services.
Discover which graduate program is right for you—a Computer Science and Engineering PhD, a Computer Science and Engineering MS, a special joint academic programs degree, or an advanced certificate.
Scholarships and assistantships are available to attract and support graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and potential. 
These resources document the policies, rules, and even study habits that will help you succeed in your chosen academic program.
Experiential learning gives you substantial preparation to enter the scientific and engineering professions and helps you explore future career options.  Many program graduates credit these experiences with giving them a competitive advantage during job searches and a smoother transition to full-time employment.