Departmental Advisory Board

CSE’s Departmental Advisory Board (DAB) was formed to provide external counsel on matters that affect the department, such as education and research programs, strategic planning, development and philanthropy, classroom enrichment, student job placement, and industrial relations. Members are industrial leaders, many of whom got their start at UB, and are committed to the department’s continued success.

Russ Agrusa.

Russ Agrusa (CS BS '76)

Founder, President, and CEO, Iconics; Co-Chair, Computer Science and Engineering Industrial Advisory Board

Bob Girardi.

Bob Girardi (CS BS '80)

Former President and CEO, SofTrek; Co-Chair, Computer Science and Engineering Industrial Advisory Board

Pradeep Bahl.

Pradeep Bahl (MS '84)

Co-Founder and Director at Pramak, LLC

Paul Buckley.

Paul Buckley

Former President, Applied Sciences Group, Inc.

Biao Cheng.

Biao Cheng (MS '93, PhD '96)

Director of Incubation, Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group (ARD)

Roger Choplin.

Roger Choplin (CS BA '72)

Independent Consultant; Formerly with Oracle Corporation

Sreenivas Gollapudi.

Sreenivas Gollapudi (PhD '04)

Research Scientist, Google

Vinodh Gopal.

Vinodh Gopal (MS '97)

Senior Principal Engineer, Intel

Kannan Govindarajan.

Kannan Govindarajan (PhD '96)

Co-Founder and VP, DxContinuum

Norman Hayes.

Norman Hayes (CS BS '80)

Director of Engineering, Analog Bits

Swapnil Khedekar.

Swapnil Khedekar (MS '04)

Group Leader, Software Development/R&D, Bloomberg

Michael Kurdziel.

Mike Kurdziel (MS '88, PhD '01)

Senior Engineering Manager, Core Networking and Network Security Group, Harris Corporation, Communications Systems Segment

Sriganesh Madhvanath.

Sriganesh Madhvanath (PhD '97)

Director of Applied Research, eBay Inc.

Dan Magnuszewski.

Dan Magnuszewski (CS BS '05)

Co-Founder and CTO, ACV Auctions

Brian Maouad.

Brian Maouad (CS BS '89)

CEO, Advance2000; CEO, Logistic Dynamics

Sudip Nag.

Sudip Nag (MS '89)

Partner, NuVista Strategies

Robert Ruocco.

Robert Ruocco

Vice President, Chief Information Officer, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York

D. Sivakumar.

D. Sivakumar (PhD '96)

Research Director, Google

Zhaohui (Jeff) Zheng.

Zhaohui (Jeff) Zheng (PhD '08)

Founder and CEO of Particle Media Inc.