MS in Computer Science and Engineering

Elevate your expertise.

In our Computer Science and Engineering MS program, you'll immerse yourself in advanced topics and enhance your proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. Beyond expanding your knowledge, this program opens doors to coveted professional opportunities, paving the way for a rewarding career with increased earning potential.

About the Program

Our STEM-approved program will prepare you for not only today’s workforce but tomorrow’s as well. The program has two tracks:

  • The Research Track (Honors Track) is more customizable and selective. It will prepare you for innovative careers in industrial R&D, startups, and research. In this à la carte educational program, you will work closely with a faculty member of your choice to develop a project to be presented at our bi-annual CSE Demo Day or defended like a traditional master’s thesis. Because this track has more limited spots, there is no guarantee you will be admitted to the Research Track (Honors Track) if you choose to be considered for it. You may be offered admission to the Course Track instead.
  • The Course Track is ten courses (30 credits) that prepare you to work in specific areas of computer science. Students can specialize in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) or Software and Hardware (Systems). The curriculum includes five core courses, two electives, and three courses based on your specialization, including a capstone course to show off all the amazing skills you’ve learned along the way.

You can select your desired track and specialization when you apply. 

Admission to the PhD Program from the MS Program

Whether or not they have completed all the MS course requirements, any CSE master's students who have completed the core PhD course requirements and made arrangements with a major professor may apply for admission to the PhD program. Students must apply before the end of their second year. Interested students should see our Graduate Academic Coordinator in 338V Davis Hall for the appropriate application forms. 

MS students who have not completed the core course (breadth) requirements specified in the PhD Qualifying Process by the end of their second year or have not made an arrangement with a major professor by the end of their second year will not be admitted to the PhD program.

Degree Requirements

The Graduate Handbooks below outline our degree requirements. Computer Science and Engineering MS degree requirements are defined by the handbook that was in force during your matriculation year. 

Please see the Computer Science and Engineering BS/MS page for combined degree requirements. 

Current Student Forms

CSE Force Registration Form

Any graduate student who wishes to be enrolled in a course and cannot do so via the HUB must complete a CSE Force Registration request online:

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Program Enrollment

The MS in Computer Science and Engineering program currently enrolls 1199 master's candidates. (May 23, 2024)