Minor in Computer Science

Robots created by Nils Napp's robotics team in Davis Hall.  Photo credit: Douglas Levere 

CSE offers a minor program in Computer Science for students in other majors who wish to complement their major studies with Computer Science coursework.

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Did You Know?

  • Starting salary for undergraduate degree holders: $69,000 - $100,920
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for computer scientists is projected to increase 20 percent through 2022, much faster than the average for most occupations.  Our graduates are aggressively recruited by top companies nationwide.
  • CS graduates often receive scholarships to pursue masters and doctoral studies at prestigious institutions.

Computer Scientists: Transforming Society with Critical Technologies

Computer and information technologies are critical to the nation’s technological infrastructure and competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based global economy. These technologies have enabled discoveries and inventions in diverse fields of study, and have transformed society and our daily lives in dramatic ways.

Computer Science (CS) is a systematic study of the concepts, foundations and applications of software, hardware, and intelligent systems. Typical subjects include: programming languages, data structure, algorithms, computer organization, operating systems and machine learning.

Computer scientists are engaged in understanding the algorithmic complexity of problems and the limits of computability, automating human intelligence, providing ubiquitous access to information, or designing secure and effective software, computer, and communication systems. Computer scientists work in every sector of industry, government, and society in general. 

Computer scientists use their knowledge to:

  • Analyze problems in hardware, software, and systems;
  • Design, test, and evaluate network and communications systems;
  • Meet an organization’s system software and infrastructure needs;
  • Work as researchers, or inventors, innovating to solve complex problems, and create or apply new technology.  CS research may be multidisciplinary, such as developing and advancing uses of virtual reality, extending human-computer interaction, or designing robots;
  • Administrate database management systems software.



Program Enrollment

The Minor in Computer Science program currently enrolls 18 students. (May 17, 2024)