UB DivTech

Previously known as UB Scientista, DivTech brings a new take on the involvement of the diverse student population when it comes to STEM. The transition from Scientista to DivTech is an approach to promote further participation of students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

In order to achieve these goals, DivTech provides programs and networking opportunities with successful tech professionals, socials and study groups for CSE classes along with community outreach programs.  We promote Diversity in Technology by trying to provide equality of access to opportunities such as internships, scholarships, hackathons and conferences.  We work closely with the UB CSE department to advocate for more visibility and resources to building a strong, cohesive network of individuals in tech that can act as one strong voice.

The DivTech branch emphasizes opportunities for individuals in technology, but we welcome students from all majors.

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Toyosi Oladepo


UB DivTech

Lisa Kanbur

Assistant Director

UB DivTech

Tanisha Debashish

Public Relations Chair

UB DivTech

Tim Kiernan

Finance Chair

UB DivTech

Malika Kodial

Advertising + Outreach Chair

UB DivTech

Tanvie Kirane

Underclassmen Representative

UB DivTech

Faculty Advisors

Carl Alphonce

Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Professor of Teaching

Computer Science and Engineering

343 Davis Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4739

Email: alphonce@buffalo.edu

Matthew Hertz

Associate Professor of Teaching

Computer Science and Engineering

352 Davis Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4736

Email: mhertz@buffalo.edu