Our faculty and students actively work on projects covering a broad range of exciting, cutting-edge topics including AI, big data, bioinformatics, cloud services, computing research, crypto-currency, cyber security, machine learning, Internet of Things, self-driving cars, smartphones, and 5G wireless.

The Department of  Computer Science and Engineering conducts theoretical  and applied research in AI, Theory and Algorithms, Software and Hardware Systems, and interdisciplinary areas related to CS+X such as Bioinformatics.
We provide scholars and investigators with innovative computing systems, laboratory facilities and equipment while offering high-level administrative support for faculty members seeking to conduct research and commercialize inventions.
The department and university provide numerous resources to assist and support your research.
Departmental technical reports may include faculty research work, doctoral dissertations, master's theses, and other student research recommended by faculty for publication.
Researchers in our department study a wide range of topics and are often published in upper-tier peer-reviewed journals and editorial outlets.