CSE Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs), 2016. 

UB Academic Schedule

If you are looking for information about which courses will be offered for a particular semester, please see the official UB Academic Schedule:

Course Catalog

The CSE Undergraduate Program has offered these courses over the last five years. Many courses are offered every year, but some are offered irregularly.

CSE 101Computers: A General Introduction
CSE 111Great Ideas in Computer Science
CSE 113Introduction to Computer Programming I
CSE 115Introduction to Computer Science for Majors I
CSE 116Introduction to Computer Science for Majors II
CSE 191Discrete Structures
CSE 199UB Seminar
CSE 241Digital Systems
CSE 250Data Structures
CSE 305Introduction to Programming Languages
CSE 320Introduction To Operating Systems
CSE 321Real-Time and Embedded Operating Systems
CSE 331Introduction to Algorithm Analysis and Design
CSE 341Computer Organization
CSE 379Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers
CSE 380Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers Lab
CSE 396Introduction to the Theory of Computation
CSE 408Programming with Python
CSE 410Special Topics
CSE 411Introduction to Computer Systems Administration
CSE 421Introduction to Operating Systems
CSE 422Operating Systems Internals
CSE 429Algorithms for Modern Computing Systems
CSE 431Algorithms Analysis and Design
CSE 435Information Retrieval
CSE 442Software Engineering
CSE 443Compilers
CSE 453Hardware/Software Integrated Systems Design
CSE 455Introduction To Pattern Recognition
CSE 456Introduction To Visualization
CSE 460Data Models and Query Language
CSE 462Database Concepts
CSE 463Knowledge Representation
CSE 467Computational Linguistics
CSE 468Robotics Algorithms
CSE 469Introduction to Data Mining
CSE 470Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Processing
CSE 473Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing
CSE 474Introduction to Machine Learning
CSE 486Distributed Systems
CSE 487Data Intensive Computing
CSE 489Modern Network Concepts
CSE 490Computer Architecture
CSE 492Undergrad Peer Mentoring
CSE 493Introduction to VLSI Electronics
CSE 495Supervised Teaching
CSE 496Internship/Practicum
CSE 498Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities
CSE 499Independent Study