Graduate Courses

The UB Graduate Academic Schedule lists our graduate Fall, Spring, and Summer course offerings.

  • Class Schedule
    CSE Graduate Program class schedule tables by term.
  • Special Topics
    Special Topics courses cover some of our most innovative and promising research directions.  They are often prototypes of new courses that we are developing.
  • Course Descriptions
    Incoming MS students for the Fall 2021 semester are encouraged to select four courses from the options listed below to register for in their first semester. These include core courses in each of the focus areas (Software, Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, and Theory/Algorithms) as well as electives.
  • Course Enrollments
    CSE Graduate Program course enrollments, tabular by term.
  • Course Work
    Course grading and independent study enrollment advice for graduate students.  
  • Focus Area Courses
    Our graduate programs prepare you to know many things and—at least—one big thing.  You'll choose course sequences that give you a generalist's broad knowledge of computational topics and a specialist's expertise in your chosen field.