Degrees & Programs

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Discover which graduate program is right for you—a Computer Science and Engineering PhD, a Computer Science and Engineering MS, a special joint academic programs degree, or an advanced certificate.

  • PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
    The PhD in Computer Science and Engineering is your passport to a career in academia or industrial research.  Our PhD graduates have earned tenure-track faculty positions, led major technology firms, created their own innovative technology startups, and become thought leaders in their fields.
  • MS in Computer Science and Engineering
    The MS in Computer Science and Engineering deepens your knowledge of computer science topics and increases your employability.  It typically leads to better professional employment opportunities and a higher salary.
  • PhD with Concentration in Cognitive Science
    Cognitive Science is the study of how the mind works, both in its conceptual organization and in its computational and neural infrastructure.
  • MS in Computational Linguistics
    he Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Linguistics jointly participate in a master’s-level curriculum in Computational Linguistics resulting in a Master’s in Natural Sciences.
  • PhD, MS in Geographic Information Science
    The University at Buffalo offers doctoral and master's degree concentrations in Geographic Information Sciencean emerging interdisciplinary field that incorporates innovative research in environmental science, social science, and engineering.
  • Advanced Certificate in Computational Science
    The Advanced Certificate in Computational Science is designed to provide students at the University at Buffalo with training in advanced scientific computing in combination with specialized education in traditional disciplines of science and engineering.
  • Advanced Certificate in Cybersecurity
    The Advanced Certificate in Cybersecurity is designed to equip students at UB with a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of  Computer Security.  With the rapid growth of the Internet and, in turn, the creation of numerous new information channels, the task of securing these channels and their underlying systems has become an industry-wide and national-level top priority.