Vinodh Gopal.

Vinodh Gopal

Senior Principal Engineer, Intel


Vinodh Gopal is a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel, and a key architect for the compute acceleration strategy on Intel architecture processors. His pioneering work includes instruction-set extensions for x86 and architectural enhancements, in applications such as cryptography, integrity and compression over a wide range of products. As an example, he architected the AES encryption instructions on processors and drove software enablement into OpenSSL and Linux Kernel.

He leads development of optimized software implementations of critical algorithms. Previously he worked on System-on-chip products where he held lead hardware architect roles for many complex units. Prior to that he designed high-performance chip architectures such as DEC Alpha (ev7) and IA64 Itanium (Tukwila), focusing on execution units of the CPU Core. He has a proven track record of innovation: over 60 pending/filed patents, publications, several key awards (including IEEE best-paper award), managed many R&D projects with Universities, an MS (Computer Science) and is an IEEE Senior Member.

In 2019, Vinodh won the Intel Inventor of the Year Award.


MS Computer Science, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, 1997