Sriganesh Madhvanath.

Sriganesh Madhvanath

Director of Applied Research, eBay Inc.


Sri-G is currently director of applied research at eBay Inc.  Previously, he led a competency area at PARC focusing on predictive and prescriptive data analytics research for applications in healthcare and transportation. His many interests span data analytics, machine learning, human computer interaction, user experience design, and product and service innovation.

Sri-G began his research career focusing on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and handwriting recognition. He has since led research and product development in a number of areas including analytics, pen computing, multimodal interfaces and human computation, at IBM Almaden Research Center, Narus Inc and HP Labs.

Dr. Madhvanath received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from SUNY at Buffalo, and a B.S. in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, India. He is the author of 80+ publications, 40+ pending and granted patents, and one W3C standard (InkML).

Sri-G is an ACM Distinguished Scientist, IEEE Senior Member, IAPR Life Member, and founding member of HCI India. He is the recipient of awards from the Wall Street Journal, NASSCOM and the Digital Empowerment Foundation for his contributions to novel technologies and product concepts relevant to emerging markets.


PhD Computer Science, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, 1997