Pradeep Bahl.

Pradeep Bahl

Co-Founder and Director at Pramak, LLC


Pradeep has been working in the high-tech industry for more than 33 years. He cofounded Pramak, LLC ( in 2011. Pramak provides consultation and development services in various high-tech areas. These include Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and System & Application development. Pramak counts several Fortune 500 and multinational companies and small/medium businesses as its clients. Prior to Pramak, Pradeep worked at Microsoft Corp for 17+ years where he served in several senior roles ranging from managing large teams to leading special projects to architecting and designing complex software services. During his time there, Pradeep shipped many technologies and services in various versions of Windows and participated in several senior committees to influence Microsoft’s future direction and planning. Prior to Microsoft, Pradeep worked in Digital Equipment Corporation and Racal Milgo, Inc on a distributed database system and a network management system respectively. Earlier to that, Pradeep worked in the “Center For Applied Research in Electronics” in IIT Delhi, India on a high-tech defense and navigation system.


BS Electrical (Electronics) Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi, India, 1981

MS Electrical and Computer Engineering, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, 1984

MBA International Business, University of Miami, 1990