Data Analytics in Sports Law and Management

Data Analytics in Sports Law is a self-paced multi-micro-credential program for anyone seeking an introduction to data analysis within the business, regulatory, and legal framework of sports. Current badges include general Data Analytics and Sports Law, Player Performance and Roster Management, and Analytics, Law and Athlete Representation.

Available Courses

Data Analytics in Sports Law Badge.
Data Analytics in Sports Law

In the Data Analytics in Sports Law course, you will have an opportunity to gain skills in applying data analytics to issues surrounding key regulatory and management functions within the sports industry.

Player Performance and Roster Management Badge.
Player Performance and Roster Management

Students taking the Player Performance and Roster Management course will learn about data analysis in player acquisition and retention, as well as player and coach assessment. Students will also learn how the collective bargaining agreement and standard player contract provide the framework for management decisions in which data analysis plays a pivotal role. 

Analytics, Law & Athlete Representation Badge.
Analytics, Law and Athlete Representation

Analytics, Law and Athlete Representation provides students with an introduction to the data analysis tools and the laws and regulations applicable to the representation of the elite athlete throughout the various stages of his/her career. The primary focus is on the use of data analysis in athlete development and representation within the regulatory framework of federal and state law, as well as NCAA and other pertinent rulemaking authorities. 

Upon completion of each course, students will be awarded a UB–issued digital badge through Credly and the program will be noted on your academic transcript. Students who complete all the courses in the program are also eligible to receive an additional over-arching program badge. Credly is a platform for creating, issuing and managing digital badges. If you have questions about using Credly please contact the Office of Micro-Credentials.

Who is Eligible?

These micro-credentials are designed for current and former athletes and sports industry professionals and it is appropriate for anyone seeking an introduction to data analysis within the business, regulatory, and legal framework of sports. Professionals from national players associations such as the NBA, NHL and MLB are also encouraged to apply.

Benefits to Students

  • Add a data analytics in sports law specialization to your resume
  • Receive support securing an internship in data science
  • Develop a portfolio to demonstrate your skills in data analytics and sports law

Skills Learned

  • Career Management
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Digital Technology
  • Oral/Written Communications
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork/Collaboration

Credit Options: Credit-bearing
Time to Completion: Less than 1 semester for each course
Instruction Method: Online