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Customize Your Education

SEAS students can choose to double major, minor in math, or combine their degree with a number of other university programs.

Double Major

A double major is the awarding of one degree with two majors (e.g., the student completing a double major in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering earns one BS degree). Students must be accepted into each major and fulfill all requirements of each major in addition to satisfying all university requirements. This may be completed within the usual 120-credit minimum. Following conferral of the degree, the student’s transcript will note one baccalaureate degree and two majors.

Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering Double Major

Follow all requirements for aerospace engineering major and add:

  • MAE 311 Machines I (3 credits)
  • MAE 364 Manufacturing Process (3 credits)
  • MAE 494 Design Project (3 credits)
  • One Professional Practice course (3 credits) (in addition to MAE 434 Aircraft Design)
  • MAE 377 Product Design in a CAE Environment (3 credits)

Math Minor

Follow basic math requirements for any SEAS major and add MTH 309 and two additional upper level math courses.

  • MTH 141 College Calculus I
  • MTH 142 College Calculus II
  • MTH 241 College Calculus III
  • MTH 306 Introduction to Differential Equations
  • MTH 309 Introductory Linear Algebra (Applied math elective in ME/CIE/CEN, TE in ASE/CE/EE, Required in IE)
  • Two additional 300/400-level mathematics electives from within the Department of Mathematics (sometimes can fulfill free elective or TE requirements in engineering)

Acceptance criteria: Minimum GPA of 2.5 in MTH 141-142, and 241 (or approved transfer equivalent). Complete an application for a minor (available in the math undergraduate office) and submit it together with a copy of the most recent UB DARS report. Note: A GPA of 2.0 is required in these courses for departmental recommendation for a minor in mathematics.

Other Combinations

Other typical combinations include chemistry (minor or major), physics (minor or major), or the biotechnology minor through the biology department (for chemical engineering majors).

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