Joint BS (Civil)/MBA

The Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and the School of Management offer a five-year program leading to a combined bachelor's degree in civil engineering and master's degree in business administration. This program reduces, by one year, the usual pattern of a four-year undergraduate degree and a two-year MBA program.

Candidates must meet all the degree requirements of each program, except for the reduction of 18 credit hours in the total credit hours required for the usual pattern of a four-year BS (civil engineering) degree and a two-year MBA degree. Students entering the fourth year of the program will be considered graduate students and, from that point on, will be charged tuition at the graduate rate.

Applicants must be a current UB undergraduate student in civil engineering to apply to this program. Interested students should take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the GREs and apply to the MBA program during their junior year. It is recommended for most students to apply for the February 1 deadline. If you are a domestic student not requesting financial support, you may apply as late as May 15.