CSE Tech Talks, such as this visit by Facebook, are great opportunities to meet potential internship sponsors in person.  Pictured are: Facebook Software Engineer Tom Occhino (CEN BS '07) and CSE Professor of Teaching Carl Alphonce

We encourage students to gain hands-on, real-world experience by taking internships at companies related to their majors.

Approved students who are in good standing with the department may earn academic credit for internships. To receive academic credit for an internship, follow the procedure described below.

Webinar: Introduction to the CSE Internship Program
CSE Internship Program Contacts
  • Internship Coordinator: Associate Professor A. Erdem Sariyuce
  • Internship Supervisor: The professional employer you work for during your internship
  • Faculty Academic Advisor (graduate students only): The faculty member who helps formulate your academic and professional development plan. 
  • Staff Academic Coordinator: The staff member who helps you register for academic credit by registering you into the appropriate internship course. 

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