MS Tracks and Specializations

The NYCE project team celebrates its CSE Demo Day Spring 2023 first-place award with CSE 611 advisor Alan Hunt.  Photo credit: Ken Smith 

Preparing you for tomorrow's workforce.

As the field of computer science evolves, our department continues to lead and grow with innovative new courses and specializations. Our goal is to provide you with a curriculum that you can customize while ensuring you’re prepared for not only today’s workforce but tomorrow’s as well.

Beginning Fall 2023, the Computer Science and Engineering MS program has two tracks: a Research Track (Honors Track) and a Course Track. You can select your desired track and specialization when you apply.

The Research Track (Honors Track)

The Research Track (Honors Track) is highly selective and provides in-depth learning through personalized projects or supervised research. This track prepares students for innovative careers in industrial R&D, startups, and research. In this à la carte educational program, students work closely with a faculty member to develop a project to be presented at CSE Demo Day or defended like a traditional master’s thesis. Because this track has more limited spots, there is no guarantee students will be admitted to the Research Track (Honors Track) if they choose to be considered for it. Students may be offered admission to the Course Track instead. 

The Course Track

Students in the Course Track can specialize in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) or Software and Hardware (Systems). They take five core courses, two electives, and three courses based on their chosen specialization for a total of 30 credits. Each track features a track-specific capstone class (CSE 573 for AI/ML and CSE 562 for Systems) that brings together concepts from across the degree into a single, semester-long group project.

*CSE 611: MS Project Development

We are exceptionally proud of our 611 MS Project Development class. In partnership with members of the community, local startups, researchers, or UB students and faculty with ideas, CSE 611 provides master's students with real world experience, as well as a unique project and educational experience that they can't get through a normal class.

Enrollment to CSE 611 is limited; students must apply to course instructors to take part in it as an elective. During the first week of classes, accepted students will hear and select from a range of projects presented by sponsors such as members of the UB community or partners from local startups. Over the semester-long project, students will conduct requirements-gathering, design a solution, and implement it. Final outcomes will be presented at the end of the semester at CSE Demo Day.

Course Schedules

To ensure all CSE master's students can get into the classes they need, we have devised specific course schedules for each track, depending on which semester students enter the program. 

BS/MS Students and Course Transfer

BS/MS Track: Students in the BS/MS program must fulfil the requirements of the Research Track (Honors Track) program, but have the thesis requirement waived (or optional).

Transferring Classes/Credits: Up to 6 credits may be transferred from a graduate degree program at another school, and may only be used to satisfy course-track requirements. Up to 3 credits may be transferred to satisfy the elective requirement. Up 3 additional credits must articulate to one of the course track requirements.