PhD with Concentration in Cognitive Science

Illustration of the human mind as a jigsaw puzzle.

Cognitive Science unites UB's Departments of Anthropology, Computer Science and Engineering, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology in the shared pursuit of understanding how the mind works.

Cognitive Science is the study of how the mind works, both in its conceptual organization and in its computational and neural infrastructure.

Accordingly, cognitive science has brought together researchers from a number of  traditionally separate disciplines—primarily, computer science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, and neuroscience—in order to build a new and unified understanding of cognition that is compounded from the different disciplinary perspectives and that moves beyond them.

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PhD Track in Cognitive Science

PhD study of Cognitive Science at the University at Buffalo consists of a special Cognitive Science Track in the PhD program of each of the participating departments. This chapter contains basic information on this program.

Participation in the track consists of five steps:

  • Admission as a Graduate Student Member of the Center for Cognitive Science
  • Taking the prescribed set of Cognitive Science courses
  • Attendance at colloquia of the Center for Cognitive Science
  • Having an interdisciplinary, Cognitive Science dissertation committee
  • Writing a Cognitive Science-related dissertation

The Center