Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

photo of student and triaxial testing system.

The UB Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering’s geotechnical engineering lab is a space for undergraduate students to learn the essentials about soil mechanics, and build a foundation for further understanding.

Soil Mechanics

  • Every CSEE undergrad student will practice in the geotechnical engineering lab during CIE 334, Soil Mechanics. Students will perform a number of experiments, including: soil classification, compaction, permeability, direct shear testing and cyclical triaxial testing.
  • Students have an opportunity to work with reliable, proven technologies and modern, exciting machines that still provide the hands-on learning experience crucial to a successful engineering education.


  • The geotechnical engineering research lab (112 Ketter Hall) and geotechnical engineering teaching lab (114 Ketter Hall) are next to one another in Ketter Hall. The proximity of these labs allows and encourages collaboration and the sharing of resources between our graduate and undergraduate students.