Dual Diploma Program with Istanbul Technical University

Picture of Dual Diploma Graduates 2012.

Our dual diploma program is an undergraduate program for Turkish students in which the participants spend half of their education at a campus of the State University of New York (SUNY) and half at a Turkish university.

The University at Buffalo (UB) partnered with Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2003 to implement a dual diploma program offering undergraduate degrees in civil engineering and environmental engineering, with the first cohort graduating in 2008. While the environmental engineering dual diploma program is no longer accepting new students, the civil engineering dual diploma program continues to enroll new students each year.

Benefits of the UB-ITU Dual Diploma Program

  • Study in two countries: The dual diploma program offers students a highly unique experience and prepares them for the increasingly global world. Students study at ITU for their freshman and junior years and at UB for their sophomore and senior years. Upon completion of the degree, students receive a diploma from each university.
  • English proficiency: Students develop excellent language skills as they study in English at both universities and live in the United States.
  • Bi-cultural experience: The program allows students to experience two distinctively different cultures. Upon completing the degree, students are well-prepared to work in a multi-cultural environment and to function effectively in an international arena.
  • High academic quality: Most importantly, the programs are academically rigorous, as students must meet the academic requirements of both ITU and UB to complete the degree and to receive either diploma. The program is approved and recognized by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK).

Application and Admission for Turkish Students

Turkish students are placed into the dual diploma programs according to their placement score from the national university entrance exam (ÖSYS). The placement score is a combination of the student’s high school GPA and exam score in the relevant subject category. For more information, visit www.osym.gov.tr.

Resources For Current DDP Students


Program flowsheets show the required courses by semester. 

The latest course information can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Important Contacts

Mr. Steven Shaw
Dual Diploma Program Coordinator
17 Capen Hall

Dr. Christine Human
Academic Advisor for Dual Diploma Program/Undergraduate Director
242 Ketter Hall/ 412-O Bonner Hall

Ms. Éva McGovern
Undergraduate Academic Coordinator
212 Ketter Hall

UB-ITU Dual Diploma Handbook

In this handbook, you will find the requirements for graduation, a list of the most important academic policies, tips for academic success at UB, and advice for overcoming academic problems.

UB-ITU Alternative Handbook

This handbook provides incoming and current ITU-UB students with suggestions from other current and former ITU-UB students on how to navigate living in Buffalo. This handbook has suggestions on how to succeed academically, and offers advice on how to have a rewarding social life.

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