CSEE Computing Labs

Photo of students working in Ketter 208 (computer lab).

The CSEE computing lab space provides all of our students with an area to complete academic work. Each of the CSEE computer labs receive hardware updates once every three years, so we may equip our students with the most up-to-date PCs.


Access to the 208 Ketter and 1018 computing labs is a privilege provided to students in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. All students are required to follow the CSEE Computing Lab Policies (PDF), as well as the university-wide policies on computing and network use.

Students from each discipline within CSEE are permitted access to the computing labs, after a careful review of our policies

208 Ketter Hall

This computer lab is located in the civil and structural engineering building, Ketter Hall. The computers in the lab contain a number of engineering software essential to complete some of the work required in engineering courses. The space contains 15 computers. All CSEE students receive swipe card access upon enrollment in the department.

General Information

1018 Furnas Hall

The computers in 1018 Furnas Hall contain some of the same software as those in 208 Ketter Hall. There are 16 computers in 1018 Furnas Hall, and all CSEE undergraduate receive swipe card access upon enrollment in the department. 

Bell 101 SENS Linux Lab

The SENS Linux Lab located in Bell 101 is open to all users with valid UBITNames. Currently, the lab contains 68 Dell OptiPlex 745 workstations running SENS Linux.