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steel bridge practice.

Civil engineers build societies, they develop and maintain infrastructure essential to the safety and prosperity of communities throughout the world. Projects like the Hoover Dam, Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and interstate highway system demonstrate the diversity, scale, grandeur and functionality of civil engineering.

Study abroad trip in Costa Rica with students from University at Buffalo's Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Environmental engineers work at the interface of society and the environment, striving to protect both human and ecosystem health. At UB, environmental engineers focus on sustainability, delivering safe drinking water and clean air, restoring the water quality of the Great Lakes, Hundson River and natural water systems everywhere and several other initiatives critical to environmental health.

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Director of Undergraduate Studies, Civil Engineering

Dr. Qian Wang
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Director of Undergraduate Studies, Environmental Engineering

Dr. Ning Dai
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Undergraduate Academic Coordinator
Ms. Amanda Allen

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